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St. Augustine Cold & Frost Damage?

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St. Augustine Cold & Frost Damage?

January 22,2018 Jose Perez 0comments

Has the cold really behind us for good? Historically we still get 1-2 cold snaps into February. So is your St. Augustine or Bermuda or any Southern Lawn all brown and ugly? Here are a few tips to ensure you can bring your lawn back to that beautiful lush green we are all used to in Florida.

  • Have a little patience. Wait for the cold to be REALLY gone for good and let the lawn remain dormant.
  • Don’t cut the lawn for 4-6 weeks. Definitely don’t burn it or lower the blades and scrape it. You will cause damage that may be irreparable, and if we get another freeze you may kill the roots because they could be exposed.
  • Don’t water like its the Summer or Fall. Dormant lawns don’t need a lot of watering. Cut it back if you have not done so yet.
  • Don’t fertilize the lawn while dormant. If you fertilize now you may trigger new growth, which may cause real damage if we get another round of cold frosty weather. Again, patience. Wait until the threat of cold weather passes.

Once the cold has passed up then step up the irrigation and do a normal height cut to stimulate the growth. Fertilize it and apply an anti-fungal product like Fertilome F-Stop. That will lead to a beautiful Spring time lawn.

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