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Myth Busters Real Estate Edition 2023

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Myth Busters Real Estate Edition 2023

January 17,2023 Jose Perez 0comments

Let’s talk frankly and clearly here!!

Following the news often means subjecting yourself to negativity, even when it is news about the real estate market. If you’ve been reading articles that are causing you to worry about an impending crash let me put your mind at ease by telling you even the experts insist today is nothing like 2008. For starters, lending standards today are much different, much tighter than they were back then. Leave me a comment and share some other real estate related worries you currently have, we can talk through this together.

Look way back to 1960s. Most recessions were not accompanied by plunging property prices. And the situation today is far better than it was in 2007-2008 in terms of home equity, inventory levels and lending practices. Look at the Dec 2022 prices, no change from Nov 2022 and up 6% from the 2021 year over year prices.

This does not mean that prices may cool, but don’t wait for something that may never happen. Call us today to learn more. 407-381-7861

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