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Lets talk Contracts & Counteroffers!!!

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Lets talk Contracts & Counteroffers!!!

May 19,2020 Jose Perez 0comments

Lets talk making an offer and what happens after that. When an offer is made on a home, the seller can do one of 3 things. Accept the offer, and now you are under contract. Hurray!! Reject the offer and now the offer is “dead”. Bummer!! Or counter the offer. That means the seller is countering your offer terms, it could one of several such as price, whats included, closing dates, inspection periods, appraisal periods or a host of other items.

We understand the process and our Pros will help you understand and negotiate the terms to your benefit and to make sure we can get the offer accepted. We will explain what the options are, for the buyer and sellers, and help you decide on what the next steps would be. 


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