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Can Over-Personalized Renovations Hurt Value?

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Can Over-Personalized Renovations Hurt Value?

January 13,2020 Jose Perez 0comments

These next few weeks we will explore and focus on renovations, how they can help or hurt the value of your home as well as which types on upgrades and fixes actually have the highest Return on Investment (ROI), and which don’t. As many people prepare for the “selling season” now its the time to start planning on what TO do and what NOT to do.

Some of the biggest personalizations that hurt value are are expensive and not as popular, or fleeting in time as a fad, not truly something lasting. Lavish light fixtures are of days gone by, and can be a huge turn off to a buyer. Wallpaper, though easy to put on (relatively speaking), its impossible to get off, and a huge turn off. 

Crazy designs on carpeting or counters are a no-no. These will definitely hurt your values and appeal. Crazy bathroom decorations with designs, tile or mirrors that can drive you crazy if you look at them too long. 
Wacky tiling designs might be cool, but it will not warm a buyers taste, unless they “happen to love it”. 

Which way is up?!

Custom renovations are fun, but can make it difficult to sell your home later on. Many home owners have a great sense of individualism with designs or colors in their homes to match themes, or design patterns. Though colors are one of the easiest and cost effective ways to decorate, it can also be on of the most obvious mistakes in renovations or design work.  Bright or “off- the-wall” colors in rooms such as bright pink, black or dark grey, baby blues, are great for decorating the “kids” rooms, but most times is a detriment to selling a house. Fortunately, you can easily correct those mistakes. 

Supper Bright but does your buyer love it?

Nothing is more personalized than sun rooms, Florida rooms, porches, and aquariums. Though a great upgrade for some, and allow a lot of individualism, buyers might not like it or want to expense of removing or changing the design.

Message us to understand the impact of your planned renovations on your home’s value. Before you spend, get the professional advice you deserve. Be in the know, not in the dark. Our team of professionals are here to discuss your ideas and make you get the most of your money, time, and home value. Go Pro!!

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